The insurance industry is very large, complex, and not always easy to understand. There are two main types of insurance plans:

HMO's generally assign a Primary Care Provider (PCP) who is your child's primary physician. You are required to see your PCP for medical problems during office hours (or the physician on call for the PCP). Visits to specialists usually require your PCP to make the referral and may require prior authorization from your insurance company. There is usually a copay required at the time you see your PCP, but the HMO generally pays all other costs for covered services.

PPO's generally allow you to see any physician you choose. If you choose a physician who is contracted with your insurance company, your out-of-pocket costs will be less than if you choose a physician who is not contracted, or is "out-of-network" with your insurance company. While you have greater freedom of choice with a PPO, there is generally a copay plus a deductible that must be paid before your insurance company is responsible for paying the physician or hospital. Then, you may also have to pay a percentage of the charges, typically 20%.

It is not always possible for every physician to contract with every health insurance plan. Also, some health plans limit the number of physicians with whom they will contract. In our office, we have contracted with the majority of plans offered to families in the Verde Valley.

Contracted Plans

Note that for some of the networks listed below, many smaller insurance plans may be included.

Your child may have Dr. Wendy, Dr. Jura or Dr. Mike as their PCP (Primary Care Provider), but, when coming to our office, he or she can see any physician in our office and it will still be covered by your insurance.

If you do not see your insurance listed below, please call our office (649-3003) and have our staff check the master list of insurance plans.

Aetna HMA