Dr. Cohen

Dr. Cohen Has A Dream

For several years prior to 1999, Dr. Cohen and his wife Cathleen traveled to Sedona once or twice a year on vacation. They loved its beauty and the grandness of the red rock formations. It was on one of those vacations that the dream of "Red Rock Pediatrics" was born. He decided to look into the need for a full-time Pediatrician for Sedona and the Verde Valley.

He found there was a need and so Dr. Cohen decided to start a new practice in Cottonwood based on his philosophy, "As a Pediatrician, I want to support parents to keep their children healthy and support children to grow and develop well."

He believed that people are always at choice about their health and the health of their family. He wanted to be a source of information, a teacher and a friend to the children he cared for and to their parents.


Red Rock Pediatrics was officially founded January 1, 2000 and began seeing patients January 2nd. With the loving assistance of his wife, Cathleen, the practice at first grew slowly and by March of 2000, there were about 80 new patients. Then it began to grow steadily and more rapidly and, by October of 2000 Dr. Cohen knew he had to recruit a second Pediatrician to join him. He was very fortunate to find Dr. Wendy, who became a member of the Red Rock Pediatric family in the fall of 2001.

Dr. Cohen was also very fortunate to find his nurse, Pat, and they worked together as a wonderful team from the very beginning. With the help of Christina, who managed the front desk, Red Rock Pediatrics was on its way to fulfilling Dr. Cohen's dream. In fact, it grew so well and so quickly that Dr. Cohen and Dr. Wendy were extremely fortunate to be joined by Debbie as their medical practice manager. She brought with her the management skills needed to help Red Rock Pediatrics go on to add several more pediatricians and many more new staff to serve the children of Sedona and the Verde Valley.

In early 2004, Red Rock Pediatrics had over 5,000 patients and was continuing to grow and thrive. Dr. Cohen felt that he had made his dream come true by establishing a "Pediatric Medical Home" for many children. He decided that at the end of 2004, he would retire from practicing Pediatrics so that he could spend more time with is wife, daughters and grandchildren as well as more time for his love of photography. He retired December 31, 2004. It was a happy and sad occasion as he would miss the wonderful families he had gotten to know and love over his five years in Cottonwood. But he also knew that he was leaving Red Rock Pediatrics in good hands and Red Rock Pediatrics would continue caring for more and more children, continue to grow and be a warm, loving place for well and sick children and their parents to come for their Pediatric care.